Phuket rolls out new events for 2021

As everybody is well aware, the awful COVID-19 pandemic hit Thai hospitality business especially...

Real Life Phuket

Going green! COVID-19 control measures eased from Feb 1

Good news for Phuket! The island is listed among the safest provinces in Thailand (green) with only minimal control measures in force.

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Let's roll the dice! Phuket is getting its own Monopoly

Phuket is about to get its own edition of the world-famous board game as announced by Winning Moves, who will be producing Phuket Monopoly under official license from Hasbro.

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Made for kids. TOP 8 activities for kids

Creating a perfect holiday with kids – is a different type of struggle. Not that many of them will...

Lina Krengel

Safe and Happy New Year in Phuket

With New Year's Eve around the corner we all are busy planning a truly memorable celebration to kick...

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Brunch with millionaires

For 4 consecutive year Phuket was observing and participating in an exclusive yachting event Kata...

Egor Tretyakov

KRSR's Winning Hand

The 2020 edition of the event introduces something that’s been around for ages, just not here in Phuket.

Gareth Zebron

Netflix & Quarantine

Being a good citizen of the world and practising social distancing isn’t easy. Luckily, we have...

Gareth Zebron

Dream Beach Club’s Epic Festive Season

Staying true to form, Dream Beach club has lined up an impressive festive season programme...


Kata Rocks 5th Anniversary Champagne Brunch

The location is Kata Rocks, and the occasion is the resorts' 5th anniversary. I am 1 of 150 guests...