Zurich Bread Café is the best premium stylish sandwich deli and coffee shop in Phuket

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Zurich Bread was established with philosophy and mission of making best artisan breads in Thailand, one of the most favorite tourism destination in the world. We are passionate about bread, pastries and cakes and strive to preserve the culture and traditional artisan baking. All our products are handmade by our skilled bakers, fresh each day.


We are one of the largest and premium bread factory making original European recipes from French, Swiss, Italian, German, Russian breads and much more. If you come to our store, you have to try our best original premium croissants and almond croissants which are our secret signature recipes developed by our own chef. 


Most of our signature breads are sourdoughs and rustics. Sourdough breads use natural yeast to make the bread rise. The natural yeast cultures, also known as “Starter” or “Levains”, can be kept alive indefinitely with portion being removed to make each new batch of bread. Sourdough breads take longer to prove (rise) and develop complex structures and flavors. Some of our loaves prove over 2 days so we need 48 hours’ notice for wholesale or special ordering. With our highly experienced professional technical Swiss and French chefs, we can ensure every perfect bite and flavor of our breads.



Zurich Bread Café is the best premium stylish sandwich deli and coffee shop in Phuket with our own large bread baking facilities. The concept of our store is bread baking transparent café where customers can see the whole process of bread baking just a few meters from their dinning tables. We serve a large variety of sandwiches created by our chef and you will never find any sandwich breads like ours. All our breads are made based on healthy concept with premium and organic ingredients like grains, seeds, organic flour, olive oil, natural yeast, and much more.


You can also enjoy other delicious foods at our café from pasta, pizzas, steak, soups, salads, and Thai dishes. We are very famous with our brunch serving from 7:00 am. everyday. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff to recommend our famous dishes to suit with your choice.