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Yassine Darkaoui (3)

It’s difficult to say exactly who Yassine Darkaoui is. He is a Moroccan living in Phuket, he is a sailor with world record-breaking attempts behind his belt; he is a common figure at all Phuket’s best surfing spots, an entrepreneur, a boat designer...

But to say that he is just those things is not to say enough. For me, Yassine is a source of new ideas and stories, and whenever I bump into him at the beach or meet him for coffee, I know that if I ask “what are you up to?” I will get a reply that is anything but conventional.

What are you up to?

I recently came back to Phuket from a prolonged surfing slash self-exploration trip and as a result of that experience, I’ve taken up coaching.

Wait, what? Coaching? I thought you were a boat constructor? (Yassine spent two years designing a world-class hydrofoil boat in Phuket)?

Before boats, psychology has been a passion of mine for more than 20 years - though I have a background in IT and mathematics, a Master’s degree in statistic programming plus two years of applied physics. But what I have really been studying through the years, are humans.

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Right…and now you’re a coach…

I’m not this kind of “coach” who will tell you to “stay positive” and similar kind of fluff. I’m applying my knowledge to real-life situations. I’ve read thousands of books and maybe more importantly, had my own share of difficult experiences. And I learned how to apply this knowledge and experiences in real life.

Difficult experiences?

I had plenty of problems of my own - psychological, drug addiction. Many years ago I even stayed in a psychiatric hospital. And while I had no experience with psychology at that time, I did use that opportunity to study myself and the people around me. That when I learned about the binaural beats and I used them on myself. And it worked.

What worked? What are binaural beats?

Sounds, frequencies, beeps – that can put you in a desired state of mind in a few minutes. It has been discovered around 95 years ago that the brain, if you stimulate it with sounds, will synchronize with that frequency. It is, for example, widely used in modern television, to influence audiences. And it can be used to change someone’s state of mind without hours spent in therapy. We go straight for the brain.

And you tried it on yourself. What about other people?

Binaural beats have been tested on thousands of people. What I did is I took the pieces and combined them into sets which address specific problems. When someone comes to me, they are usually dealing with a very specific situation – loss, broken heart, etc. The first step, depending on the level of their distress, is to calm them down, and I designed a track for it, one that blocks the negative emotions making further therapy possible. Then, once this person has achieved the necessary peace of mind, we can address their issues on a rational level. Because it turns out that most of our problems come from flaws in our own thinking. We can feel better just by chaining the way we think about our problems.

Yassine Darkaoui (2)

Sounds good…in theory.

it’s not just a theory, I tested it on myself. Last year, for example, I was left by my long-time girlfriend, I lost my company here in Phuket, and I ended up in Indonesia, with no money and no prospects. I remember being in Hong Kong with 99 USD in my pocket. Stressful situation, right? That’s when the binaural beats helped me manage stress and put me in the right state of mind. You know, it’s easy to say – be positive. The question is how to be positive?

So how?

I say, by hacking the brain! By removing the negative emotions and moving forward. And that’s what I can do. I combine a very specific psychological approach of Albert Ellis with knowledge about brain waves and sound frequencies. And that's what I’m doing right now, with people all around the world, from Morocco to Canada. I’m offering coaching services. I invite people to contact me and together we can solve their problems. We meet, we talk, and we find solutions.

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