The world’s biggest ferris wheel is coming to Phuket

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Just when you thought Phuket couldn’t get any funner, news that the world’s largest ferris wheel will be arriving on the island, comes along. Some of the island’s top businessmen have joined forces to start the project, which according to estimations should only take 18 months to implement. This time frame might seem a little optimistic considering that the Singapore flyer observation wheel took almost 2 and a half years to finish, and the high roller in Las Vegas took around the same time to complete, but hey, this is Thailand, the land of efficiency and reliability. It’ll surely get done within the time budget.

The project will be aided by the PAX group, which has built some of the largest amusement rides around the world, such as the roller coaster at the Cobra amusement park in Saudi Arabia, and many other ferris wheels in Europe, America and Asia. They have also been involved in the construction of space vehicles, so you know that their ferris wheels will always be sturdy and won’t roll away.

The location for the ferris wheel has not yet been determined but it is said that it will be located in an amusement park occupying 30-40 rai of land. It will be just another reason for thrill seeking travelers to come to the island. Most tourists come here for the beautiful scenery and laid back lifestyle but with the world’s largest ferris wheel, they’ll now come here just to say that they’ve been on it, another box to tick off on the old bucket list.