Wanna look younger for 300 THB?

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Lina Krengel

Hot Springs in Phang Nga

Let’s be honest, after a certain age most of us would like to look and feel younger. All procedures, especially plastic surgery, hosts an astronomical amount of money. But we found a solution for only 300 THB, and this is not a scam. Just read the article to the end, (Hot Springs).

So, it was an ordinary Sunday, day off, when suddenly we decided to travel to the Phang Nga area. Moreover, we traveled to a specific place there. I will share the name a little bit later. We took our way to hot springs. Honestly, I’ve never visited this kind of place before, probably, because I was too young. But I decided to give it a chance. It took around an hour to get there from our house, but we did not regret a single minute. Let the place be revealed! The hotel’s name is The Hot Spring Beach Resort and Spa.

We passed the reception area and parked our cars in front of the entrance to the springs. A day pass costs only 300 THB and allows you to use springs, sunbeds, swimming pool and discover the whole hotel’s area. There is also a separate place to change for men and women. Unfortunately, they do not provide lockers now, but we took all our belongings with us to the swimming pool.

According to the map, there are separated hot springs for men and women, however, everyone is using both of them. The maximum temperature is 40 °C, so we had to enter the pool with small steps. If you are curious, what does this water content, here is some information. The water was tested and certified for substance content listed below:

The benefits you get from it is pretty good. It naturally cleanses and beautifies your skin, eases aching muscles and joints, eases tension, and deep heats the muscles.

Water has no odor, so relaxing in the hot spring was very comfortable. After a couple of minutes, we jumped to 16 °C icy pool. The feeling we experienced was very close to when you are poked with thousands of needles. But after a second you feel so fresh, strong, and ready to save the world!

Moreover, cold water baths tend to stimulate your nerve endings and help getting rid of your grogginess, and might help you treat depression. A cold bath is also very good for men’s reproductive health. In addition, cold water will stimulate the lymphatic and immune systems. And last, but not least, it improves your lung function tremendously!

We did jumping from the hot pool too cold a couple of times and realized that even in that short period of time, our skin got smoother and tighten.

The rest of the day we were swimming in a regular pool, relaxing in a jacuzzi and exploring the area.

If you get hungry, you can order some food there with the hotel’s restaurant. Prices are above average, but it is not prohibited to bring your own food there.

We spent 5 hours there and came home refreshed and younger. Are we going to come back there? Yes, yes, and yes!

Traditionally, this is not advertising, but the true impression of the 31years old girl, who feels herself now only 18.