How to travel through Thailand on a shoestring budget

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How to travel through Thailand on a shoestring budget

Thailand is already a cheap country to travel through, compared with a lot of the other countries that tourists come from, so there’s no real need to budget heavily when visiting here. Things are so cheap that you can have the lifestyle of a king on the income of a pauper. Travelers who come to Phuket and other parts of the country manage to stretch their baht out quite far. Here are some examples of how it can be done.

Food: 100-500 baht a day

 If you really want to save money, you can eat street food. Not only is it often more delicious and authentic than up market restaurants, it’s usually very cheap. Amazing meals can be bought for as little as 30 baht. Even pricier up market restaurants here are relatively inexpensive. A high end restaurant in Phuket will often serve dishes at what would be low end prices back home.

Accommodation: 3000-25000 baht a month

 Renting in Thailand is incredibly affordable and easy. There are condos, apartments, townhouses and other types of homes everywhere, just waiting to be rented out. You can find adequate places for as little as 3000 baht per month but we’d recommend you spend a little bit extra.

Travel: 50-500 baht a day

 Taxis in Thailand are very cheap, as are Tuk-tuks, song tauews, buses, vans and trains. Traveling locally can cost as little as traveling to other provinces in some cases. For example, Train tickets from Bangkok to Lopburi cost less than 30 baht. It’s very easy to get from one side of the country to the other spending under 500 baht.

Luxuries: Up to you

 Thailand has a lot on offer for tourists. Thai massages are expensive in other countries but here they are dirt cheap. Tours and attractions are also inexpensive, as are all the other entertainment venues that are littered across the land of smiles.