Travel from cover to cover – 100 BEST album targets travel connoisseurs.

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You know that feeling, you sit down with a book on your lap, open it and…get lost, dive down the rabbit hole of imagination. Some might say that a similar thing can happen when browsing the internet - time disappears in a wormhole, as we jump from one hyperlink to the other. But while we might feel that we wasted precious time after hours of pointless web surfing, the feeling when closing a book is usually that of great satisfaction.

Sii Eawsakul, the founder of, knows this feeling well. Which is why, even though she mostly works online, she dreamed of publishing a real, paper book. “I’ve spent a lot of time working online, from the age of 19 all through to 35, but I’m also passionate about books and I collect them myself,” she says. “Everything is online these days so I guess it’s going against the trend, but there still is something nice in browsing through photos on paper.”

And so “100 BEST” came to be, over 700 pages of words and photographs combining Sii’s two passions – books and hotels. In the thick volume weighting no less than 3kg, hotels from 26 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and South America are featured, each with an expansive photo gallery and a brief introduction. And each personally selected by Sii.

“Out of the 100 hotels featured in the book, I’ve personally slept in 98,” she says and adds that it took her almost three years of travel to collect all entries. What criteria did she use when making her selection? What makes a hotel great? “It’s a combination of many things. Some hotels are about the architecture, others about the location or the history that comes with it, and sometimes it’s purely just people that run it. For me it’s not a fixed thing, it’s subjective and depends on a personal experience, “she tells us.

Initially 1500 copies of the book have been printed and distributed to the hotels featured inside. In Phuket the mighty volume can be found in Amanpuri, The Surin, Paresa, Andara and at RL Phuket Office. But with another 1000 print copies planned, you might be able to find it in more places soon. And according to Sii, you should: “If you want to travel the world but stay in only the very best hotels, then you can pick this book up. I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

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