Tracking down foreigners in Phuket

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Elizabeth Adler

Traveling through Phuket is always an exciting experience. As far as Tourist destinations go, it is one of the most visited places in the world. Usually everything runs smoothly for Tourists here but on the odd occasion, things do happen. People lose their Money, Passports and ID cards and every now and then, John Doe’s come along.

This is why an Australian company, ID Tracker, has introduced an ID bracelet for travelers in Phuket. The wrist band contains a link to the wearer’s personal details, which can be accessed by medical staff should the person end up in hospital with no other forms of ID. The wrist bands are not electronically operated, they were made so that they could be worn underwater and during heavy duty activities. The bracelets contain a unique ID code which can be linked to info relating to the person, online. All the medics have to do is type in the code on a special data base website and everything will come up.

Some people view tracking devices as an invasive form of monitoring the public, an insidious way to control the populus, but a lot of people argue that they can be beneficial for tracking down missing friends and family. This one certainly seems to be beneficial for Tourists traveling through Phuket, provided of course it doesn’t some how get stolen with the other forms of ID.