Top 5 scams in Thailand

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Thailand is called the land of smiles and there are some good reasons why. In general, Thai people are very friendly and generous. However, sometimes these smiles hide a more sinister agenda, especially in Tourist areas. There are a lot of ingenious scams out there, many of which are quite impressive. That’s why we’ve decided to include the top 5 for you to look out for.

  1. Damaged Jetski


This is probably one of the most famous scams around, especially on the islands. A vendor will rent you out a jetski and then claim it has been damaged upon return. They’ll even have fake police as accomplices to intimidate you.

  1. Closed Tourist attractions


If you’re on your way to visit a tourist attraction in Thailand and someone comes up to tell you it’s closed, don’t believe them. Usually scammers will claim a place is closed and then offer to take you to some other attraction, one that they can benefit from.

  1. Sex shows


Ping pong shows are popular in Thailand but a lot of the time, touts out the front will try and entice you to enter with the prospect of cheap drinks and amazing shows. Don’t fall for it. Once inside, extra charges will surely come your way.

  1. Cheap Gems


This scam involves a gemstore owner telling you that because gems are so easy to come across in Thailand, they can be bought cheaply and resold in other countries for a lot of money. This simply isn’t true in most cases.

  1. Sneaky Taxi drivers


Taxi drivers, especially those in Bangkok, are a colorful bunch. Some are funny, some have interesting stories to tell and some are downright crazy. When catching a taxi from the airport, many drivers will try and charge you exorbitant amounts. Always request the meter, in order to keep track of how much you should really be paying.