Top 5 richest people in Thailand for 2016

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Wealth has always been something that people have strived for, often at the expense of more noble concerns and endeavors. Having said that, most people probably wouldn’t refuse an abundance of money if it was presented to them on a platter. Money makes the world go around, as the old saying goes, and in Thailand there are quite a few people who have accumulated quite a bit of baht.

Some people see money as something that should flow freely around the world, much like the flow of blood in the human body. In some areas it flows a lot more freely than others however. When the flow stops in certain areas, clots can emerge and other sections can be deprived.

There are certainly a lot of people in this world who have gathered up enough wealth to cause their bank accounts to burst open. Here is a list of the five most financially successful people in Thailand for 2016. Try not to envy them too much, they probably sacrificed a lot of their time to gather up all that money.

The Brothers Chearavanont

Ammount: 18.5 Billion

Source: Food


Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi

Ammount: 13.7 Billion

Source: Beverages


Chirathivat Family

Ammount: 13 billion

Source: Retail


Chalerm Yoovhidhya

Ammount: 9.7 Billion

Source: Drinks


Vanich Chaiyawan

Ammount: 4 billion

Source: Insurance, beverages