Top 5 hidden gems in Phuket

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Phuket is famous the world over for its spectacular beaches but a lot of things here go by unnoticed when tourists pass through. This is why we’d like to point out some of the lesser known gems on the island.

  1. Khaorang Hill


There are plenty of great viewpoints to choose from in Phuket but Khaorang Hill would have to be one of the best. It offers a spectacular panoramic vista of Chalang, Panwa and the incredible hills.

  1. Street Art


Usually people go to Bangkok when they want to marvel at Thai street art but there are equally impressive pieces to be glimpsed along such places as Thalang road and the Phuket Town central market.

  1. Discover Thalang road


Located in the Old Town, Thalang road is home to some of the best cafes, bars and guest houses around. The Sino-Portugese shopfronts are an attraction in themselves. It’s definitely the kind of place you should go if you’re a hipster.

  1. The Blue Elephant restaurant


This restaurant is located in a 105 year-old mansion. The exquisite architecture is matched by the equally delicious dishes. They complement each other perfectly, making for an incredible atmosphere to enjoy some of Thailand’s best food.

  1. Phuket Town Central Market


Many people miss the real taste of Thailand when they travel through the country. At the Phuket Town Central Market you can get to experience the genuine, local culture and you’ll also be able to find the freshest local produce.