Things to do in Phuket

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Things to do in Phuket

There are definitely plenty of places to visit and things to do in Phuket. Starting with the island itself and continuing with nearby must-see attractions. Here we are collecting information about the most memorable and stunning place for you to choose from.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Phuket

Wanna wake up in Rihanna’s bed?

In one of my previous articles (that got the most views, by the way), I wrote about movies that have been filmed on the beautiful island of Phuket. Of course, each movie comes with a celebrity. So, let’s find out who had a great vacation on the island of white-sand beaches and emerald water.

Top 7 instagram spots in Phuket

Top 7 Instagram spots in Phuket

Well, it will be pretty silly to deny how social media affects our lives. But, let’s be honest, when you see something beautiful or funny, almost the first thing that goes to your mind is that you want everyone to see it. And what do you do? Right. You post pictures or videos on your social media. A lot of travelers were searching for the best selfies’ spots in Phuket. And here is my personal list. I did not put them in any order, so you can choose your favorite by yourself.

TOP 8 activities for kids

TOP 8 activities for kids

Creating a perfect holiday with kids – is a different type of struggle. Not that many of them will simply enjoy the beach or pool bar in a hotel. So, parents are usually stressed about any kids’ activities in the holiday location. And what about Phuket? Honestly, if there was nothing, I will not even bother myself to write this article. Dear parents (and not only them), I am very glad to introduce the list of kids (and not only their) activities around Phuket.

TOP 5 free attractions in Phuket

Pretty soon (at least we believe in this) tourists will come back to Phuket. And we also believe that people will be looking for some more or less budget option for accommodation, car rents and even attraction. How about I tell you that there are some stunning places on the island that are absolutely free? Here are my personal TOP-5 free attractions in Phuket.

Sai Kaew Beach

Beautiful beaches in Phuket

Keep a secret!

During this hard pandemic time, we are all trying to find something positive. And here is what I have found personally. The lack of people on the island allows us to enjoy empty and clean beaches. However, even during “old normality” there were a couple of spots that stayed aside from peoples’ crowds and remain a piece of tranquility in Phuket.