The Way Sundays Are Meant To Be

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Lazy, laid back, spent with family and friends – that’s the way Sundays should be. And that’s the way they are, at Trisara.


It really should be quite simple – putting together a worthwhile Sunday brunch, that is. Mix together a wide choice of great food and drink, nice scenery and some pleasant background music, and you’re almost there. Now all you need is the right ambiance…and that’s the tricky part. 

It’s also the part that Trisara gets exactly right. There are plenty other Sunday brunches in Phuket, with different vibes and moods - those joyful and noisy ones for the families, the flashy ones, where giant lobsters and selfies are always on the menu, and then there are Sundays at Trisara – an agreeable marriage of excellent food and relaxed ambiance, with a touch of luxury. 

This luxuriant touch is difficult to put one’s finger on. Is it the selection of dishes a few other resorts in Phuket can match? The attentive and friendly staff? The iconic oceanside setting? I say it’s all of the above, in exactly the right proportions. 

The food, as I mentioned, is not just plentiful, but delightful. From the first entrees to the final (was it second? Third? I lost count!) helping of desserts, every dish served both buffet style and from live cooking stations hits the mark. Plus, it comes with a selection of fine wines and craft beers that will leave no one thirsty. 

The staff is, well, Trisara level. That is welcoming you to the resort as if you were a returning guest, even if you’ve never been there before. They are always there when you need them and have this kind of a friendly disposition that is – if years of practice of distinguishing between honest and fake smiles has taught me anything – genuine. Again – difficult to put one’s finger on it, you just kind of know it. 

The brunch setting mixes man-made and natural in perfect proportions. On the vast wooden deck overlooking the ocean, nature truly is all around. The greens of the palm trees, the blues of the ocean waves licking the beach just steps away…you’ll feel your batteries recharge before you even sit at the table. And to experience it even more up front, you can branch at a beachfront cabana. 

And then there is more – Spa treatments at Jara spa, activities for the kids at the kid’s club, live jazz soundtrack…just one of those would make for a nice Sunday. Taken all together, they make a Sunday the way Sundays are meant to be.

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