The Tropical Aroma of Ropp…

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Paul Ropp Unveil Paul Ropp’s latest collection to discover a treasure box filled with rich & vibrantly coloured garments – playful in nature yet designed to surpass the realm of reality. A stimulation of the senses, each garment mirrors the tropical world in which we inhabit.


Paul Ropp designs are creations known for being happy, colourful, flowing, fun, playful, sassy, original and sensual. Pieces that get attention and compliments for their unusual beauty and artistic flair, they are comfortable, soft and luxurious. Made, as Paul says, for people who "Prefer to be Naked."

If we talk about luxury resort wear, it's the finest in fabrics that breath, and prints that are captivating and unique. People will always ask you where you got your clothes because they are all limited edition fabrics with hand-made details.

The shirts may have hand-carved bone buttons, or the zippers will feature hand-beaded details. It's always the extra special hand-embellished touch that makes you feel well dressed for all occasions.



The trademark is bright, colourful and stylish sophistication with playful artisanal expression. But the classic collections of black and white can also be found for those seeking staples with a twist for simple casual or smart wear.

The menswear takes you on a journey. From hand-woven indigenous motifs from around the globe to European floral influences or plain cotton and silks, there is something special for every taste.

Made in Bali, these collections inspire the tropical spiritual aroma of this part of the world - home to the Paul Ropp brand for 30 years. After their magical holidays, celebrities from all over the world take their magical pieces home and even order online from wherever they are. Because once you start, you can't stop being wrapped in Ropp.


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In Thailand, Paul Ropp clothing will complete an exotic holiday and give you those fantastic photos to remember by wearing these stunning clothes. Whether for day parties, night parties or to look fabulous wherever you go, these collections of pure silks or printed chiffons will make you feel great!

Visit the Paul Ropp store online, and you will have a truly memorable shopping experience. One that surprises you with colours, textures and a new vision that will be one of the highlights of your vacation. Have Fun!!!

Paul Ropp Shops:

Surin Gallery - Tel: 080 538 1976
Laguna Plaza - Tel: 087 623 7988
Turtle Village - Tel: 089 470 1693

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