Who wants free puppies and kittens in Phuket?

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No matter where you go in Thailand, you’re sure to come across dogs and cats. A lot of the time, these animals don’t seem all that healthy. Many a mangy mutt can be found down just about any soi at any time. There are plenty of neglected cats and dogs in Phuket and this is why the Soi Dog foundation will be holding an event on March 19, where residents and tourists on the island can adopt as many dogs and cats as they like.

The Soi Dog Foundation has loads of cute puppies and kittens on offer so there will be plenty for everyone. These adorable animals are in desperate need of loving homes, so all pet lovers are urged to attend.

Last year, around 500 dogs and cats were given homes through the Soi dog foundation, both in Thailand and overseas. To look at some of the dogs and cats around Thailand, one might be a bit hesitant to adopt such animals due to health issues, but the foundation always sterilize and vaccinate their pets, making them safe for all.

The Soi dog foundation has done so much for stray animals in Thailand, including medical treatment and adoption. It is the number one welfare organization for pets in all of Asia and it also runs thorough education programs in schools, that cover all domestic animal needs.


So if you’re in Phuket on March 19, be sure to look up the Soi Dog foundation’s website for adoption requirements and then get on down to their shelter in Mai Khao to grab yourself a lovable little companion. You’ll gain a loving companion and you’ll also be doing a good deed.