The Slate Sunday Brunch is coming to town.

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Lina Krengel

Brunch – is a combination of BReakfast and lUNCH that is serving any time until
15:00. Brunch was invented in England in the end of 19 th century and became popular in
USA in 30s. Couple of years ago brunch as a social event came to Phuket. Best hotels,
restaurants and beach club began a race to win the name of the best brunch on the island.
Despite the huge variety of options, today we would like to focus on Phuket’s most
renowned Sunday brunch at The Slate hotel.
The Slate hotel is owned by Wichit Na-Ranog, a descendant of former Phuket governor
Khaw Sim Bee Na-Raong and a member of a prestigious line of Southern Thailand’s tin
mining families. Every corner of the hotel is inspired by Phuket’s history of “black gold”.
It is important to mention, that The Slate is one of only 3 Desin Hotel in Phuket. If you

would like to see it with your own eyes, check our new vlog on YouTube. And now let’s
get back to the brunch.
This event takes place at the dreamscape “Rivet” restaurant from 12:00 to 15:30. As of
now it is scheduled once in two weeks with special X-Mas Brunch on 25 th of December,

Exceptional landscape of gastronomy presented by different corners covering exquisite
Japanese, International and Thai cuisine. Seating, food station setup, and menus are all
arranged according to the "new normal" hygiene standards.
All food freshly prepared by skilled workers looks so scrumptious and mouthwatering
so we had no chance to miss a single dish. Rolls, sashimi, mussels, tuna, crab, grilled meet
and chicken, shrimps, lobster, oysters, wagyu steak, calamari, scallops, vegetables, Thai
dishes, cakes, pancakes, ice cream. All of the above mentioned together with variety of
sauces and condiments for every taste makes a great duo and doesn’t leave any doubts
why this brunch is so popular.
The Slate gives you a choice to pick the best dining option, starting with no alcohol and
ending with package including Free flow Veuve Clicquot and Piper-Heidsieck. Coming
with kids? No problem! Kids under 7 years old eat for free and kids under 12 get 50%
discount on no-alcohol package. For those who is curious, here are the rates:
Package 1: THB 2,100 per person. Selected free-flow soft drinks, fruit juices, and
Package 2: THB 2,950 per person (receive THB 500 supplementary resort credit*)
Selected free flow wines, sparkling wines, cocktails, beers, spirits, soft drinks, fruit
juices, and mocktails.
Package 3: THB 3,550 per person (receive THB 800 supplementary resort credit*). A
bottle of Veuve Clicquot (375ml), which also includes all of package 2 for 2 people.
Package 4: THB 5,700 per person (receive THB 800 supplementary resort credit*)
Free flow Veuve Clicquot and Piper-Heidsieck, which also includes all of package 2.
So, what do I want to say in the end, don’t wait and contact them to book the spot,
especially for X-Mas. Please yourself and your beloved ones!