The latest from Phuket Has Been Good To Us

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Ack graduated from Rajaprachanugroh 36 Kamala School in 2019 and is now pursuing his degree to become an English Teacher in Thailand.

I have had the opportunity to learn English with the fluent English-speaking teachers provided by PHBGTU. I have received endless support from my teachers, and I really appreciate how much they care about my education and future”, said Ack in an interview during his visit to Kamala School after graduation.



Thanks to the work of the local children’s charity, many other children from disadvantaged backgrounds are allowed to pursue their dreams and contribute to ending the cycle of poverty within their community.

PHBGTU is a Thai registered charity whose mission is to improve the economic opportunities and life chances of young people by funding and implementing high quality, practical English language education in two government schools on the island.

This last year, PHBGTU was able to employ 5 qualified teachers and reach over 750 underprivileged students by teaching 2 hours of English, 2 hours of Maths in English and 2 hours of Science in English each week.

In addition to teaching English, teachers and volunteers run an afterschool programme called Coconut Club for the 230 students who have to live at school during term time, because they are orphans or have no one to look after them.

During Coconut Club, these children get to participate in different activities, from cooking to drawing and playing sports. It is the highlight of their day and one of the few chances they have to enjoy the happy childhood they deserve!



The advanced exposure to English provided by PHBGTU opens up a world of opportunities for Thai students, giving them a real chance at a brighter future.