The Fourth Season of Little Paris

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We are thrilled that our restaurant is about to embark on our fourth season!



We attribute this success to you – our loyal customers, who after the last few years, have also become our friends. Additionally, we attribute our success to our friendly team, who endeavour to provide the best hospitality, along with our commitment to offering the highest quality cuisine. These are the reasons you come back for more dining experiences with us.

We achieve this by using only fresh, delicious and superior ingredients. Our ingredients for our staple menu items are imported directly from France, and we receive small bundles of French goodness two to three times a week by air freight.

Our ingredients for our staple menu items are imported directly from France

When you visit us, our aim is to take your taste buds on a virtual tour of France. Via the flavours of our signature dishes, we hope you appreciate the intricacies of the local specialities of our country. You’ll delight in snails from Burgundy cooked with fresh parsley and French butter. For meat lovers, enjoy our home-made Foie Gras terrine, veal stew and beef bourguignon. We slow cook our lamb shank overnight for eight hours, to ensure that falling off the bone tenderness. And for dessert fans, indulge in our cheese selection or our traditional chocolate fondant, that oozes rich molten chocolate.



Oysters are also something we feature in our menu, and we are passionate about delivering the freshest and the tastiest to your table. Directly from the Marennes-Oléron basin, a vast oyster bed region, we have L’Emeraude oyster. We source these beautiful oysters from a family-run supplier who also guarantees excellence. For those who prefer a less fleshy oyster, rich in water and balanced flavour, we also serve Fine de Claire oysters which are produced in the same region.

We are always searching for new ways to enhance our menu for you. We never stop to explore ingredients and new dishes so you may savour authentic French cuisine.