A new challenger for Phuket’s best Sunday Brunch

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Koala's Choice Few are as immersed in Phuket's dining scene as Real Life Phuket's Koala. Here he shares his personal favourite dining spots on our island.

Phuket has a new challenger for the island's best Sunday Brunch - a casual affair with great food and wines in a beach environment. Join the one at Boathouse in Kata to imagine yourself being whisked away to one of the Mediterranean beaches of Spain, France or Greece.

Things are buzzing at the Boathouse, which recently underwent a comprehensive refurbishment. But the changes at Boathouse go beyond the décor and touch on our island’s favourite meal – the Sunday Brunch.

Sunday Brunch at Boathouse Kata (6)

One of the main ingredients of a spectacular Sunday Brunch is already there – the setting, probably one of the best in Phuket. Sapphire sky and sea, sandy beach, a landscape dotted with bobbing boats and sunbathing tourists can be enjoyed outside, in the gentle sea-breeze, or in the comfort of the air-conditioned interiors.

Sunday Brunch at Boathouse Kata (3)

The ambience is further enhanced by the resident band of Thai musicians led by a Filipino entertainer. Masterfully delivered all-time hits tempt the guests to sing along and even dance. But before they take to the stage, they have an opportunity to fill up on the excellent cuisine delivered by Chef Jonathan Bruell – easily one of the best Chefs in Phuket. Amongst the delights, he has on offer are three different types of imported oysters, a superb cheese selection, imported mussels, Alaskan crab, Foie Gras and roasted meats. And then there are specials – last week it was grilled Turbot and a specialty Monkfish dish, but those change every two weeks.

Sunday Brunch at Boathouse Kata (1)

Yes, two weeks, part of that difference is that the Sunday Brunch at Boathouse only happens every second week. The menu focus and specialties are changed for each instalment, with some items displayed buffet style and other prepared and served on request.

Sunday Brunch at Boathouse Kata (5)

It is as if all these ingredients - location, music, view, food and wine -  had been placed in a pot, stirred and served in a way that creates an informal environment. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed, almost homely and granted to put anyone in a good mood. Because that’s what Sunday Brunch is for!

Learn more on boathouse-phuket.com