Backlash against Chinese tourists in Thailand

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Generally speaking, it’s never fair to generalize, but lets face it, everybody does it. Recently there have been a lot of generalizations about Chinese tourists doing the rounds on social media. Chinese tourists in Thailand have gained a bad reputation due to obnoxious behavior exhibited by some, not all, Chinese tourists and this has created a negative impact on Tourism in general.

Tourism operators in Thailand are worried that negative comments made by Thais on the internet may cause a rift between Chinese and Thai citizens. Negative videos about Chinese tourists in Thailand circulating on the Internet are influencing the Thai perception of Chinese people in a bad way. Chinese tourists come to Thailand in droves so a negative image of them will not be good for business.

One way the tourism operators can deal with this problem is by presenting Chinese tourists with a code of conduct rule book upon arrival in the Kingdom of Smiles. This way, they will know more about Thai culture and what is acceptable behavior. This may be a little insulting to their intelligence but even the Chinese government has acknowledged the poor behavior of a lot of Chinese tourists, so it can’t just be prejudiced people casting unfair aspersions.

It is the actions of a few that taints the reputation of all Chinese tourists. Obviously there are a lot of Chinese tourists who are intelligent, decent people and it is unfortunate that they have to be lumped into a bad stereotype. Hopefully a beneficial outcome will be reached with this issue, one in which Thais will cease to form preconceptions about Chinese tourists and more Chinese tourists will respect and acknowledge the Thai way of life.