Thailand’s first United World College is coming to Phuket

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The United World College (UWC) is known throughout the world as being a prestigious network of high end schools. It was instrumental in developing the famous IB Diploma program and in August this year, the United World College Thailand will be initiated in Phuket. The aim of the UWC is to embrace different cultures from all around the world, as well as a variety of educational techniques from other countries.

This will surely be a great boon for education in Thailand. The aim of the educational institution is to not only educate students but to also instill a globally conscientious mindset. The program promotes shared learning for all races and nationalities, as well as collaboration and understanding between cultures and communities all around the world. This is a great opportunity for Thai students to broaden their horizons and get a taste of the outside world.

It is a great honor for Phuket to be hosting this program. The presence of the UWC will create a more globally aware environment, so that students will not feel as though they are in an insular society. The United World College in Thailand aims to give everyone a chance, no matter what their background is like, so that everyone can work together effectively. With so many international students and visitors participating, local communities will surely benefit. Scholarships for the school are available, creating opportunities for the country’s brightest achievers. The future of education in Phuket and greater Thailand is set to improve.