Thailand’s dark side just got a little bit lighter

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Human trafficking is a huge problem the world over. Until recently, Thailand was on the United States list for being one of the World’s worst human trafficking offenders. The good news is that the US recently removed Thailand from this section, suggesting that the problem is not as bad as it used to be.

For a while now, officials in Bangkok have been striving to have Thailand removed from the Tier 3 watch list and it seems that the mission has been accomplished. This should help with ongoing improvements in efforts to combat human trafficking, especially in the seafood industry, where it is most rampant.

The list is made up of three tiers. Tier 3 is for the worst countries and Tier 2 is for those making huge efforts to stamp out human trafficking and reach Tier 1, which is for countries that uphold U.S standards.

Human trafficking is still a huge problem across the planet but at least the Land of Smiles is now moving forward with its efforts. Hopefully things will become a lot brighter in future.