Thai Superstitions (Part 3)

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Many of the things you see around Thailand hint at superstitious thinking. There are mini shrines everywhere and although these fascinating objects are related to religion they are also steeped in superstition. We won't get into any religious superstitions in this article, instead we'll look at some of the more out there ones that seem random and crazy. Here are a few more.


Rainbows are beautiful, most people can agree on that. You wouldn't want to point one out to a friend though. Thais believe that if you point at a rainbow then the finger you use will drop off at some point in the future.

Breaking glass

It's just common sense to clean up glass after breaking it, but Thais take it a step further into the supernatural. If you don't clean up broken glass soon after breaking it, you will receive bad luck. We're guessing in most cases that will be in the form of cut feet.


Thais don't generally use hankies so this probably doesn't pose much of a problem. If you offer someone a handkerchef then you're pretty much telling them that you'll never see them again.

We'll see you again though for the next instalment of crazy Thai beliefs, unless of course you mail us a handkerchef.

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