Thai girl mimics voices of 63 different Pokémons (VIDEO)

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Pokémon Go has become a big fad that even people who have never watched a single episode of Pokémon can enjoy. But this girl proved to be a true fan when she posted a video of herself mimicking the voices of 63 different Pokémons.

Take that, those smartphone players who don’t know anything about Pokémon.

The video has received over a million views in just a few days. Some commentators said that it was like hearing the Pokémons straight out of the anime while others said they were too busy looking at her pretty face.

For those who have watched the Pokémon series and still cherish those memories today, her voice will leave you with chills at how familiar it all sounds.

In a recent Facebook post, she said that she might sing a song in her Pikachu voice if her video reaches a million views. So I guess we can expect a new video from her some time soon.