Tesco Lotus attempts to introduce online shopping to customers in upcountry

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As a way to make even more money, Tesco Lotus and Lazada are trying to get non-Bangkokian customers to try out online shopping. They’re making it easier than ever by setting up online shopping kiosks in some of their Express and Talad convenience stores outside the city.

Sure, in Bangkok most people use online shopping sites such as Lazada, Zalora or even grocery delivery services, but it’s a different story outside the city.

In the upcountry, shoppers probably have more need for the wide range of products offered via online shopping, since there aren’t as many malls and large shops, but very few use it. Perhaps that’s because of a lack of computers at home, poor internet service or a lack of knowledge about online shopping.

However, Tesco Lotus and Lazada are partnering up to try and change that and, of course, make more money for themselves.

Tesco Lotus has just installed a bunch of Lazada kiosks in their Tesco Lotus Express and Talad shops. These kiosks let people order anything from the online Tesco Lotus shop on Lazada and have their order shipped to their house.

Tesco plans to keep adding these kiosks to their Express and Talad shops, especially in the upcountry, where shoppers have access to fewer products in their shops.

Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, head of Tesco Online at Lazada, said "Despite high internet penetration and high rates of mobile internet usage in Thailand, we find that there is a significant gap between Bangkok and other cities when it comes to online shopping,” reported The Nation.

So far, Tesco’s online business only accounts for less than 10 percent of its sales but, thanks to ever-increasing mobile usage by Thai people, they expect it to grow rapidly.

Chakkit noted that as many as 60 percent of Thailand’s online shoppers live in Bangkok.

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