The Inner Critic and the Inner Friend

"You are not good enough! What’s wrong with you?" Imagine if someone uttered these words to...

Lucy Keller

A School of Mindfulness

Preparing young minds for happy lives can and should go beyond teaching facts and figures.

Philipp Graf von Hardenberg

Measuring Happiness

If we believe, that Happiness is a “fundamental human goal”, why are we not focusing on it in our education systems?

Philipp Graf von Hardenberg

Transforming the brain

Up to three pupils in every classroom are affected by Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD). According to the researchers from the University College London, about 10 percent of the population suffer from SpLD.

Philipp Graf von Hardenberg

United in passion for learning at UWCT

by Maciek Klimowicz Phuket might not be your first choice when it comes to your children’s...

Maciek Klimowicz