Phuket Has Been Good To Us - how you can make a difference Phuket Has Been Good To Us

We live in uncertain times. The tumultuous economic/socio/political landscape may have you frazzled,...

Gareth Zebron

The Upsides of Life in Boarding

You live in Phuket? Then why on earth would you send your child to a boarding school in another province or country? Let me share the upsides of boarding thatstudents in Phuket have discussed with me over the years.

RL Street Eater

Passion – The Vital Ingredient

The beating heart of BISP is the ‘Triple Helix’ philosophy, which recognizes that a complete education requires not only an emphasis on formal classroom learning but also upon the development of mental and physical well-being, as well as the recognition that ‘passion’ is a critical motivating force for young people.

RL Street Eater

Yaowawit - School of Change

There are many things you can expect to find in a thick jungle of Thailand’s Phang Nga province....

Maciek Klimowicz

United in passion for learning at UWCT

by Maciek Klimowicz Phuket might not be your first choice when it comes to your children’s...

Maciek Klimowicz