Phuket welcomes Benihana

Last week JW Marriott in Mai Kho Beach Phuket opened its door for connoisseurs of great Japanese...

Lina Krengel

New Michelin stars awarded as Thai culinary scene thrives

Thailand has always been and remains one of the world's hotspots for food tourism and one doesn't...

Real Life Phuket

An Interview with Thomas Brack

We sat down for a brief chat with Thomas Brack, general manager of Patong's 9th Floor...

Gareth Zebron

An Interview with Alessandro Frau

We sat down for a brief chat with the Award-winning restaurant owner Alessandro Frau, owner of...

Gareth Zebron

Quarantine Diaries: Il Giardino

As the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses all over Phuket are looking...

Gareth Zebron

The Fourth Season of Little Paris

We are thrilled that our restaurant is about to embark on our fourth season! <br /><br /> <br...

RL Street Eater

The Plantation Journey

Its spectacular hilltop location was already a perfect reason to give The Plantation Club restaurant at The Pavilions Phuket a visit. But now, there is one more - a brand-new menu, which will compete for your attention with the spectacular view.

Maciek Klimowicz

Hangover Recovery

Five hangover cure recopies from some of our favourite Phuket chefs to help you survive the island’s party season.

Maciek Klimowicz

Phuket Epic Food – Tagliatelle with Grilled Octopus at Rustic Eatery and Bar

And even though I wasn’t even that hungry, I ended up having a three-course meal at Rustic Eatery and Bar. You don't say no to epic food!

Maciek Klimowicz

Make that weekend last

On Fridays Boathouse Phuket throws its Friday Wine Lunch and achieves what’s seemingly impossible – makes the weekend last longer, or as they put it, lets you “celebrate the weekend before it starts.”

Maciek Klimowicz