Luca Ciní - The Man Behind The Story

On a hunt to find a piece of Italy in Phuket, we came across a small Osteria at Boat Avenue....

Gareth Zebron

Luca Cini – A People’s Story

 The best, most delicious and authentic Italian cuisine doesn’t necessarily come from awarded...

Maciek Klimowicz

Tuscan Reds vs. Friuli Whites at Luca Cini - A Wine Story

For some, it was just another evening, for those who flocked to Luca Cini - A Wine Story, it was a splendid evening full of wine, canapés and good company. 

Maciek Klimowicz

A piece of Italy in Phuket

What goes best with great wine? Great food of course! This simple truth is the foundation of a big overhaul at Luca Cini – a Wine Story, one of North-Phuket’s favorite hangout places.

Maciek Klimowicz

Luca Cinì unveils the secrets of Franciacorta.

What’s Italy’s best kept wine secret? There are many and each time Luca Cinì wine bar in...

Maciek Klimowicz