Top 5 Thai Dishes

Thai food is famous the world over. No matter what country you go to, there’s sure to be plenty of...

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New Michelin stars awarded as Thai culinary scene thrives

Thailand has always been and remains one of the world's hotspots for food tourism and one doesn't...

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Patong seafood festival comes back

Patong Municipality once again invites Thais and foreigners alike to enjoy the Roi Rim Lay @ Patong, a seafood-themed beach festival conducted every weekend in Phuket's most renowned tourist city.

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Farming A Happier Phuket

“If people in Phuket start planting more food and growing it organic and clean, this can be the island's new signature feature,” - meet Khun Akra, probably Phuket's best known organic farmer.

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Where There’s Wine, There’s Food

What’s better than one Italian serving food and wine? Two Italians! Especially when one is a wine enthusiast, and the other, a passionate chef. Things are about to get even more delicious at Luca Cini – A Wine Story.

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Michelin Guide Launches in Phuket (and beyond)

Brace yourself, inspectors are coming! – here’s a warning for all restaurant owners in Phuket and Phang Nga who shoot for the stars.

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Beyond Thai Cuisine

Having an easy access to an abundance of Thai food in Phuket is a blessing, but it might also be a bit of a curse – it stops one form exploring what else is there. And there's so much more! Just take a look at what they serve up at Dream Phuket Hotel & SPA!

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When healthy food makes you sick

[:ru]Healthy food is good for us...until it isn't. Even the healthiest of food can cause you problems if you suffer from intolerance. Thanyapura's Dr. Narinthorn Surasinthon explains,

Dr. Narinthorn Surasinthon