Cafe Hopping Through Phuket: Sri The Shophouse สี

Phuket has a vast array of Cafes. Drive down the highway, take a walk in the old town, stroll along...

Gareth Zebron

Make Your Garden Great Again

Shape your garden so it works for you, create your own microclimate, make your little piece of landscape your sanctuary where you can unwind, gather your thoughts and read a good book. Make your garden your library.

Milos Gavrilovic

A Sala for Your Mind

The easygoing pace life in Thailand is so deeply embedded in every pore of Thai culture, that it even achieved a physical embodiment – sala Thai

Maciek Klimowicz

The Mesmerizing

You don’t need to be fluent in Sanskrit, to guess what the word mayavee means. All you need to do is take a look at Phuket’s Villa Mayavee. It’s mesmerizing.

Maciek Klimowicz

Make Space

A few design tricks, while not capable of making your Phuket property larger, will make it seem so.

Milos Gavrilovic

The Mystery of the Silk Architect

Somewhere deep in the almost impenetrable jungle of Cameron Highlands are the last known footsteps of Jim Thompson –an entrepreneur, a spy and a …architect.

Milos Gavrilovic

Traditional Thai House

The traditional architecture of Thailand is unique in its own, charming way. Shaped by nature and...

Milos Gavrilovic

Classical European Architecture in Phuket

Thai architecture really is something else. The distinct design of ancient buildings draws crowds...

Elizabeth Adler