Elder Nun At Her Prayer Wheel Seat, Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

One afternoon, high up on a hill at the base of the peaceful Boudhanath Stupa, I spent some time...

Aaron Hooper

An Extraordinary Existence

Living outside of all touch with society must certainly make for an extraordinary existence.

Aaron Hooper

Photo Tales: Struck by Colors

When walking through the Bangrak neighborhood of Bangkok, it is likely you will be struck by the otherworldly colorful, and incredibly ornate façade of the most revered Hindu Temple in Thailand - Sri Mahamariamman.

Aaron Hooper

Photo Tales: Facing Divine Beauty

In the latest instalment of Photo Tales Aaron Hooper tells us why he longs for another trip back to Bagan, to once more search for scenes of beauty such this one.

Aaron Hooper

Photo Tales: A Smile Deep Within

Tha Phrom Temple is a must see when visiting the incredible Angkor Wat complex of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Just try not to get lost.

Aaron Hooper

Parading Into Monkhood

The chance to witness this day, completely unaware of its significance at the moment, was another of my many fortuitous evenings in the enchanting land of Myanmar.  

Aaron Hooper

Photo Tales: Churning the Sea of Milk

[:ru]Нет лучшего способа проникнуться историей храмового комплекса Ангкор-Тхом, чем отправиться туда на закате.

Aaron Hooper

Inle Lake - traveling back in time

"A journey to Inle Lake in the Shan State of Central Myanmar is akin to travelling back in time - a simpler time in a less complicated world." says Phuket based photographer, Aaron Hooper.

Aaron Hooper

Beyond the clamour

It's the more spiritual side of the Vegetarian Festival that photographer Aaron Hooper tells us about in the latest instalment of RL Phuket's Photo Tales.

Aaron Hooper

The Constant Photographer

When do you turn from a person who takes photos into a photographer? When you start seeing the world as a series of photographs; continuously framing the reality around you. Meet Aaron Hooper, a constant photographer.

Maciek Klimowicz