Study reveals Thai couples prefer text to sex

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Does your partner drive you crazy with their incessant smartphone use? Well, don't worry, you are certainly not alone. A recently study by Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) has revealed some worrisome statistics about the causes of relationship problems in Thailand and compared the results with neighbouring countries in Asia.

According to the study, Thai couples have the highest frequency of arguments, and addiction to computers or smartphones has become one of the most common causes of arguments between couples.

Over half (51%) of Thais responding to the survey said that their partners sometimes prefer using their phones to being intimate with them.

Besides financial issues, drinking and smoking, Thais indicate their partner spends too much time with high-tech devices rather than partaking in involving activities together.

Although the survey highlighted Thailand's addiction to smartphones, overall the country scores favourably, ranking 5th out of 10 participating countries in the region. Thailand’s Prudential Relationship Index satisfaction score is 71/100, which is considered as a high level of relationship satisfaction (Vietnam scores highest with an index of 83/100).

The 2016 Prudential Relationship Index indicates Thais represent the highest proportion in the region in terms of experiencing upset or dissatisfaction with their partners. In fact, 37% said their partners make them upset weekly.

Every week, 28% also seriously consider leaving their partners. The most likely sources of arguments between couples are money (45%), drinking and smoking (35%), and too much time on the computer or phone (32%).

Thai couples said they mostly appreciate partners who are easy to get along with (77%) as the most important factor for a good relationship. Other qualities include making each other laugh and smile (75%), and willing to do things spontaneously for them (73%).

With the addiction to always-on tech, many actually said they are prepared to forego technology, with 93% of people saying they would consider giving up technology for one day so that they can improve their relationships.