Steven Seagal to start up a new production company in Thailand

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Steven Seagal is no stranger to Thailand. In 2003 he starred in the movie ‘Belly of the Beast’, which was shot here and he has also been here many times in the past on personal trips due to the many wonders of the country. Seagal has been in loads of action movies but now he wants to work on the other side of the camera. His latest plan is to start up a production company right here in the land of Smiles.

Recently Seagal came to Bangkok to talk with members of the National Reform Steering Assembly, an advisory group to the military government. It is not yet known what types of movies Seagal wants to make but judging by his past films, they’ll probably involve a lot of action. Nothing was stated but it would seem that the production company will probably shoot around many locations in Thailand and the films will involve ‘Muay Thai’, Thailand’s most famous form of Martial Arts.

This latest venture from the famous action star could mean great things for the country’s economy. Thailand already has a rich history in cinema but with Steven Seagal bringing his own unique style to the kingdom, the film and tourism industry could get a jolly good boost.