Stay On Track with Your Fitness Goals

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Michael Nurbatlian Michael Nurbatlian is the Marketing Director at Infinite Luxury Hospitality. Previously, Michael has worked with numerous luxury hotels, including Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, InterContinental Resorts and other leading lifestyle hotels. Michael is passionate about wellness, nutrition, fitness, anti-ageing and longevity. You can follow him on twitter @michaelnurlife


It's well into the New Year, and you probably feel guilty from all the festive overindulgence. Hopefully, you finally decided to join your local gym, purchased a pair of cool-looking sports shoes and one of those very well-reviewed fitness trackers — intending to get and stay fit during 2020.

With January over and life getting in its way, it becomes harder to stay on track and fit more exercise into your life. As a fitness enthusiast who formerly struggled with my weight, I can relate to how most of us have trouble staying on track.

We all know that exercise makes us healthier, promotes longevity, and possibly is one of the best anti-ageing treatments out there (and it's free). Yet it is still hard for most of us to consistently workout. These are a few simple tips that have helped me stick with my fitness resolutions (in 2019 I clocked 21,131 active minutes according to my Fitbit - that's like watching 163 feature films).

Get yourself a fitness tracker

When you're juggling life, family and career plus working towards a fitness goal, the right tools can make it easier to track your progress and build on your success. The Fitbit has been a game-changer for me, but there are other great tools out there. Aside from monitoring weight and exercise, you can also track metrics like heart rate, daily steps, calories burned, sleep and more. Tracking your health data can also help you maintain results over time and put things into perspective. Most importantly, it provides a sense of accomplishment and enables you to track your goals.

Think outside the gym

I train in two separate gyms. However, I also go for long walks on the beach, take stairs instead of the elevator, and on weekends I usually train at home. For your home workouts, all you need is a yoga mat, a pair of push up bars, and resistance bands. A 20-minute HIIT home workout can help you build a solid core, which is the cornerstone of any physique. I noticed that this home training programme has improved my strength and fitness across the board and also helps to protect me against injury. Below is a sample of my home workout routine:

Be mindful

Try to be proactive and aware when you eat and exercise. Make a conscious effort to choose healthy lifestyle habits over unhealthy ones. Eat nutritious food, experiment with intermittent fasting, and take time to savour each bite. Get adequate sleep and practice gratitude. Set goals and stick to them, and make sure to reward yourself. It can be a simple massage or a luxury diving holiday to Raja Ampat.

Stay Motivated

Social media - Instagram, in particular, has made it easier than ever to find healthy recipes, workout ideas and training tips. While there are thousands of so-called "fitness influencers," most post gym selfies and very few share genuinely good advice. I follow these influencers as they inspire me and help me stay motivated.

"Success isn't always about 'Greatness'; it's about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come."