Songkran in New Normal: DO’s and DON’T’s

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Real Life Phuket

Songkran – one of the most loved festival among Thais and expacts – is just around the corner. Yet, because of COVID-19 they event will be different from what we used to know. Here are so DO's and DON'T from Thai officials. Please, follow for your own safety.

Photo: Ministy of Culture (Phuket)


  1. Cleaning up your houses or temples to welcome Songkran
  2. Making merit by pouring water on Buddha statue, praying and listening to monks' teaching
  3. 3. Gently pouring water on elders' hands
  4. 4. Wearing facemasks and appropriate outfit, not showing skins
  5. 5. Send your love through online means if you can't go home


  1. Applying powder on others people's faces
  2. Splashing water
  3. Holding foam parties
  4. Having big celebrations
  5. Overdo with alcohol or drugs

Have a Happy Songkran!