Socceroos to keep bouncy behavior to a minimum

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Doubts over the World Cup qualifying game between Thailand and Australia have been quelled in a recent announcement. The game, due to be showcased at Bangkok's Rajamangala Stadium on 15th November, was only recently given the go-ahead and confirmed by Football Federation Australia (FFA) after the passing of HM King Bhumidol threw the occurrence of the game into question. Although the match will be played as scheduled, the travelling fans have been asked to be respectful during their visit. Knowing the supporters of the Australian national team, the 'Socceroos', it may be difficult for them to refrain from any "joyful activities" as has been requested of them by the FFA. This means no chanting or fancy dress as the fans often like to do. Banners, drums, trumpets, flags, megaphones, whistles and cheering sticks have all been banned from entering the stadium. The fans have also been asked, by the Sports Authority of Thailand, to wear "polite" clothing with suggested colors being black, white and gray and free from designs. It is hoped that the Australian supporters understand and don't get too carried away with the prospect of an appearance at the FIFA World Cup 2018.