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Joanna Matlub Joanna Matlub is a Phuket based reviewer and lifestyle content contributor. In 2020 she set up the not for profit blog, Beach & Butter, which is a ‘support local’ initiative in Thailand, at a time when supporting local is crucial.

During the lockdown, many of us had the chance, and more importantly, the time, to take a step back, reflect and rethink our priorities. Sam Campbell was no exception to this, and out of the lockdown came the idea for The Tropical Pantry, Phuket. Positioned as ‘homemade artisan products made with love’ I was intrigued to know more, and of course, add a few of their staple products to my pantry too.



If any of you have indulged in a bit of warm fusion or chill yoga at the well-known Yoga Republic, then you might very well recognize their signature energy balls which have been on sale there for several years. The Tropical Pantry range was a natural extension to this, building on the healthy and non-additive food market which continues to grow exponentially.

The Products


It makes sense that the range was born out of the desire to provide food products which were either hard to find or not necessarily very fresh in the shops here. With a fair expat target audience, you can find a range of energy balls, roasted granolas, pickles, relishes and chutneys as well as homemade nut butter and chia seed jams. As a mum, I love to hear of products ‘without additives’ and so got a selection to test and try out on my family too.

Meal Inspiration

For breakfast, I made some fruity granola breakfast pots by topping their ‘Cranberry Coconut Granola’ with a spoonful of natural yoghurt, finished off with a dollop of ‘Strawberry Chia Jam.’ You can also add a spoonful of their ‘Natural Peanut Butter’ to your fruit breakfast smoothies too. The ‘Chili Jam’ was added to some pasta and meat sauces to spice things up a little, while the relishes and chutneys were a great accompaniment to an all-time favourite of mine – the cheese board and charcuterie plate.

Homemade with Love

Because all the products are homemade, they can control the ingredients and therefore avoid adding any unnecessary sugars, preservatives or harmful additives, so you do get the benefit of healthy ingredients here. Small batches only at any one time means that their pots and packages are full of love, as well as being as high quality and fresh as possible.

My Top Three Picks

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter – although it didn’t last long in my home!
  2. Cranberry Coconut Granola
  3. Bliss Balls (which come in Choc Chia, Espresso Chai or my favourite flavour - Salted Caramel)


Let’s go Shopping

You can buy any of their products online via The Tropical Pantry’s Facebook or Instagram pages, as well as finding them at the Blue Tree Wansao markets. They also offer delivery or pick up locations in Phuket for ease.


Where: You can buy homemade artisan food products from the Tropical Pantry online via Instagram or Facebook, or look out for them at the Blue Tree markets.