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Lina Krengel

Orthodox Christmas And Shooba Salad

Christmas is celebrated by a majority of Christians on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar. However, Orthodox Christians celebrate this holiday on January 7. The non-official name of this day is also Russian Christmas. And on this bright and family day, we decided to attend an Orthodox Christmas event served by “Sim Sim” Restaurant in Blue Tree. And this article is going to be nothing else but our impressions.

Russian Christmas Blue Tree

Tables were set outside of “Sim Sim” restaurant together with a bar and a small stage. During this hard pandemic time, they did a great job and organized sit-down dinner with social distance. All guests had a choice of three set menus with typical Russian food, such as “Olivie” and “Shooba” salads, cabbage salad, “Kholodets” and many more.

Beverages were served in a free flow manner and a la carte as well. Guests had a chance to try kompot as a welcome drink and it was a perfect way to start feeling almost like in Russia. But do you know what made us go back to our childhood? Ded Moroz with his grand-daughter Snegoorochka! I am telling you; all guests, both, adults and kids, were thrilled and excited! They even gave us a sweet present and that was lovely! Such things definitely make an event a little bit more fairy.

And now let’s focus on food because I still cannot forget it.

For the appetizers, I got meat cold cuts and cabbage salad with mild-cured cucumber. The portion was big enough to share with my partner, but I didn’t, as wanted to have all these for myself. This was my mistake because the size of a plate with finger-licking “Olivie” salad was enormous.

While I was traveling back home in my memories because of the salad’s taste, my partner decided that he has to try kebab, since “Sim Sim” is a restaurant of oriental cuisine. And you know what? No surprises at all, it was right the way it has to be! Even though we have been already pretty full, then it was time for chicken holders. I am not a big fan of that dish, but my partner enjoyed it a lot. And for the main course, we had grilled salmon and vegetables and garlic yogurt sauce. It was as tasty as good as the rest of the menu.

Ded Moroz with his grand-daughter Snegoorochka
Ded Moroz with his grand-daughter Snegoorochka

Let’s smoothly move from food towards the evening itself. All guests were entertained by live music and a singer with repertoire of peoples’ favorite songs. That also made us feel like at home gathering with our families. We all danced and sang along together.

We would like to thank Blue Tree and “Sim Sim” Restaurant for such a great time!

And traditionally, it is not advertising, but the honest opinion of one girl who likes delicious food and a nice atmosphere in Phuket.