Scientists discovered ‘Horrific’ First Amphibious Centipede

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Scientists have discovered the world’s first amphibious centipede and it can grow up to nearly 20cm in length. An entomologist was on his honeymoon in Thailand when he first discovered the huge bug back in 2001.

He told National Geographic: ‘Wherever I go in the world, I always turn over rocks beside streams, and that’s where I found this centipede, which was quite a surprise. ‘It was pretty horrific-looking: very big with long legs and a horrible dark, greenish-black colour.’

He took the unusual specimen to the Natural History Museum in London, but experts were skeptical because the scolopendra is usually only found in dry habitats.

The specimen ended up sitting in the museum’s collection for years until it was finally confirmed as a new species.

Although these things are venomous, if you were bitten by one it wouldn’t kill you, it would just cause you excruciating pain that will then slowly spread across the infected limb.

So if you ever decide to travel to Thailand, don’t take any late-night dips in the water.