Safe and Happy New Year in Phuket

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With New Year's Eve around the corner we all are busy planning a truly memorable celebration to kick into 2021. Yet, this year is different from any other because of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the related restrictions, limitations and fears.

For months Thailand has been one of the safest places on Earth until in late December an outbreak happened in Samut Sakhon. As of now, officials have already canceled all the big countdown events and mull banning organised parties entirely. And even with parties allowed to go on, some people may prefer to avoid big events with crowds of celebrants.

Here are a few ideas for a safe and yet happy New Year.

Villa party

Last minute rental of a Phuket villa for the New Year period has always been mission impossib;e. The rule of thumb used to be simple: book in August or forget about it. By December all decent (and even not quite decent) properties had been booked and it didn't matter if your budget was big enough to buy a submarine. There was simply nothing left in the market.

With the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic Thailand closed its borders for foreigners. Numerous beautiful villas are staying vacant for months and are actually waiting for you and your friends to move in and kick into 2021 in style. Look for bargains and don't hesitate to chaffer as its the buyers market now!

Midnight cruise

Just as with renting a villa, chartering a yacht for Dec 31 – Jan 1 used to be nearly impossible unless done in advance. Meanwhile, what can make a more memorable experience than celebrating New Year on board of a luxury boat with stars shining from above and waves splashing around?

Phuket's assorted fleet of charter boats – from sailing catamarans to luxury motor yachts – is at your disposal. Throw a big party for family and friends with professional catering and a DJ or enjoy a romantic midnight cruise with your beloved one.

Beach picnic

As already announced, there will be no official beach countdowns this year, but nobody said you cannot have your own private one. Actually, celebrating New Year on the beach is just what many Thais do every year.

Beach mats, a picnic basket, a bottle of bubbly, fireworks, floating lanterns and a company of good friends is all you need to enjoy a true tropical celebration just the way Phuketians do. And it will not flatten your wallet either!

Island Escape

We all love our sweet island of Phuket but believe us: the island will forgive you for a two-day-long affair with some other place. Myriads of exciting places are just around the corner.

One place we can personally recommend is Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park. Surrounded by breathtaking green mountains, the vast emerald lake is a stunning place to visit and celebrate New Year in full tranquility. Cheow Lan is famous for its floating hotels so you just imaging yourself waking up on Jan 1, stepping out of the door and touching water with your bare foot.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!