It’s got to be Gotha

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Gotha Restaurant Patong Phuket.

There is more to Patong than meets the eye and if there’s a place to prove it, it’s got to be Gotha.

Crowded, noisy, touristy - that’s the Patong that I know and avoid. But then, every once in a while, a place pops up that forces me to give the coastal town another chance or at least bare its shortcoming to try the new venue out. This was the case with Gotha and boy am I happy I challenged my prejudice!

Lamb at Gotha Restaurant Patong Phuket.

Because stepping into Gotha feels like leaving Patong far behind, and entering some new, cooler, more stylish and relaxed reality. The contrast between the neon-lit streets and the dim interiors is striking. The design is tasteful and artsy, drawing amply from the aesthetics of steampunk, with all its industrial and sci-fi inclinations. Rough metal surfaces, dark wood, intriguing art on the walls; If there ever was a hip, trendy space in Patong, this is it.

But what actually is Gotha? A restaurant? A bar? A lounge? In fact, it’s all there; three-in-one but also kept conveniently separate. Gotha occupies a space sizeable enough to provide a zone for the dining experience with up to 100 seats, another 100 in the separate bar/lounge area, inclusive of a DJ’s booth and a private party sector, as well as a walk-in wine lounge. Moving between those is simple, allowing the guests to come in for a drink, stay for dinner and then continue to party at the bar, without the need of traversing Patong's traffic in the infamous tuk-tuks.

Duck at Gotha Restaurant Patong Phuket

But great ideas at Gotha don’t end there. Another one was to hire an unusual chef to give the menu an unusual twist. And so, taking the helms at Gotha’s kitchen is chef Christophe Pach. Sure, he is French, sure he’s worked in some splendid three Michelin star restaurants and even scored the prestigious "Meilleur Apprenti de France" award, proving his exceptional talent. But what’s maybe most impressive, is that he’s just 21.

Chef Christophe Pach at Gotha Restaurant Patong Phuket.

That young age and the energy that comes with it is reflected in Gotha’s menu. Instead of choosing the easy way of relying on “exclusive ingredients”, caviar and truffles, chef Pach made his skills and knowledge of French culinary techniques the cornerstone of the dining experience at Gotha. The results are truly refreshing. It looks like fine dining, it tastes like fine dining, but for a change, it isn’t priced like fine dining.

And more is to come. After all, David Chris Chambar, the man behind Gotha, is also the owner of Patong’s Gossip, Pink Paradise and Seth Gueko. Entertaining people is his life’s calling and new ideas for how to do it are always plentiful. But that’s a different story, one the future, for now, take Gotha for what it is – a great reason to visit Patong in 2018.

Gotha is located at 1/1-1/9 Phuang Muang Sai kor Road Patong. For bookings call +66 88 380 7577. Learn more on