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Russian Food equals comfort food - hearty, wholesome food made according to recipes known for centuries are the staple of Russian cuisine. And now you can try them in Phuket, without getting out of your home.

Note that these prices concern all types of frozen dumplings, stuffed vegetables or cutlets. We can freshly cook any of those for 20% more.

Russian Food Delivery Phuket Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese

Can be ordered starting from one kilo.


"Pelmeni" dumplings

can be ordered starting from 500 grams. Available stuffings:


"Vareniki" dumplings

Can be ordered starting from 500 grams. Available stuffings:


"Manti" stuffed buns

Can be ordered starting from one kilo. Available stuffings:


Cutlets (chopped meat patties)

Come frozen by 6 pieces. Made of:


"Piroshki" - freshly grilled small stuffed pies.

Various stuffings are available:


"Beliashi" - fried buns stuffed with chopped meat.


"Cheboureki" - freshly fried pastry stuffed with meat.

Around 10 pieces per kilo. Available stuffings:


Stuffed Russian pancakes.

The following prices are for 1kg/500g/300g. Available stuffings:


"Draniki" - chopped potato patties.

Regular ones 280 baht/1kg. Following toppings are available:


"Golubci" - cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and grounded pork


Peppers stuffed with rice and grounded pork


Russian salads (can be ordered 4 hours in advance):

"Olivier" with chicken 450 baht/1kg, with salmon 500 baht/1kg


"Shouba" salad with salmon


"Vinegret" salad

300 baht/1kg

Beetroot, garlic and mayonnaise salad

220 baht/kg

"Mimosa" tuna salad

350 baht/kg

Our cakes: the large cake is 23 cm wide and made for 10-12 people. The small one is 18 cm wide and made for up to 8 people.

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700 baht/500 baht

Very Berry Napoleon

800 baht/600 baht


Medovic (honey biscuit cake)

700 baht/500 baht

Polet (meringue cake)

700 baht/500 baht

Austrian cake (poppy seeds, walnuts, chocolate and sour cream)

1200 baht (large)

White chocolate cake (butter cream and strawberries)

1200 baht (large)

Crape cake with berries

700 baht (large)


Chocolate crape cake

700 baht (large)

Strawberry or blueberry cheesecake

800 baht (large)

"Turtle" cake (sour cream, walnuts and poppy seeds)

1200 baht (large)

Dried prunes cake with walnuts, chocolate and sour cream

1300 baht (large)


Prague cake

700 baht/500 baht

"Lady's fingers"

700 baht/500 baht

Carrot cake with cinnamon, raisins and cheesy cream

1000 baht/700 baht

Black Forest

1800 baht (large)

All cakes must be ordered at least 12 hours in advance

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