Weird Sea monsters found on Phuket beaches

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Some weird blobs have been spotted on beaches in Phuket, and no we don’t mean tourists. The Nai Thon and Nai Yang Beaches have been temporarily closed due to box jellyfish and Portuguese man o’ war being washed ashore. These aren’t the only two beaches on the island that have been invaded, others have as well, so locals and tourists are being urged to exert caution no matter where they choose to sunbath.

Some of these creatures might display beautiful colors but don’t get too close if you see any, they’re considered some of the most toxic creatures in the world. Last year, two people died in Sura Thani after being stung by box jellyfish, one a German and the other a Thai local. There have been no reported deaths caused by such creatures recently and hopefully they’ll be cleaned up soon.

Even when the stings are not fatal, severe pain is caused. It’s a shame that such beautiful beaches have to be closed during this period but once the monsters have been sent back out to sea, everything should return to normal. In the meantime you’ll just have to relax by the pool.