RL Turns 50!

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Maciek Klimowicz [:en]Maciek Klimowicz is the former Editor in Chief at Real Life Phuket. Food, wine, culture and travel are some of the things he enjoys and writes about. Contact Maciek on klimowicz.maciej@gmail.com[:ru]МАЧЕК КЛИМОВИЧ – ШЕФ-РЕДАКТОР ЖУРНАЛА REAL LIFE PHUKET. СРЕДИ ЛЮБИМЫХ ТЕМ МАЧЕКА – КУХНЯ, ВИНО, КУЛЬТУРА И ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ, ТО ЕСТЬ КАК РАЗ ТО, ЧТО ПХУКЕТ ГОТОВ ПРЕДЛОЖИТЬ В ИЗОБИЛИИ. СВЯЗАТЬСЯ С МАЧЕКОМ МОЖНО ПО ЭЛ. ПОЧТЕ klimowicz.maciej@gmail.com

As we were sending the latest issue of RL Magazine to print, Champagne bottles popped open at our office, celebrating the completion of our 50th issue. To mark this occasion, we present to you a bunch of statistics (who doesn’t love these!?) – here are some of the records we broke on our way to 50. Thanks for being with us on this wild, wild ride!

7,796 m2 

The approximate area that could be covered by all copies of all 50 issues of RL Magazine ever printed. Enough to cover a football pitch and still have space left for a nice, 600m2, 4-bedroom villa.

624 m

The approximate height of a stack of all copies of all 50 issues of RL Magazine ever printed. 175m taller than the Petronas Towers, twice as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

37.5 tons

The approximate weight of all copies of all 50 issues of RL Magazine ever printed. As much as 5 elephants, 20 cars or half a space shuttle.

Stacked at the bottom of the sea, with the top of the stack at the surface level, it would mark the record depth ever reached by a scuba diver.


The length of all copies of all 50 issues of RL Magazine ever printed, lined up. That’s the distance from Phuket Airport to Patong (the actual costs to covering that distance in a Phuket Taxi is unspecified and depends on your negotiation skills)

More than 200

 The number of fantastic Phuketians we interviewed.

More than 150

 the number of Phuket restaurants we reviewed. We lost count of calories consumed.

More than 750

The number of properties we featured, together they are worth roughly 650 million USD, enough to shoot “Titanic” movie three times over and still have 50 million left for popcorn.

More than 300 

The number of locations in Phuket each issue was delivered to.

300 RL Phuket

Almost 1000000

 The number of visits to our website, reallifephuket.com since its launch


The number of people in our team

Thank you for being with us!