ReverseAds brings digital tech to Phuket

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Friday, September 18th saw the official opening of game-changing digital technology business in Phuket. ReverseAds opened their doors for business in Rawai, focusing on bringing non-tourism jobs to the island, and transforming Phuket into a leader in the technology industry - an initiative sorely needed in the current pandemic fallout the island is facing.



As a BOI approved company, ReverseAds expects to go public within the next 18 months on the Thai stock exchange. The company already has 100+ employees worldwide and looks to grow to 300 over the next two years. By providing the island with hundreds of jobs outside of the tourism sector and positioning the island as a digital technology hub, ReverseAds is an exciting addition to Phuket's local economy.

What is ReverseAds?

Ordinary Google search ads underperform for many businesses. ReverseAds solves this problem by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a patent-pending algorithm to improve digital advertising for global brands. The company's unique algorithm and AI make it a far-reaching solution in search advertising, allowing businesses to reach their target markets and buyers after search.

To put it simply, ReverseAds is an evolution of keyword advertising built to roadmap the entire buyer's journey post-search. ReverseAds allows brands to be everywhere the buyer is until the purchase, at a fraction of the cost of search advertising. 

"We're so excited to open our office in Rawai and build strong relationships in the community. We see Phuket as a future hub for companies in the tech space and hope to be the first of many digital companies to launch operations here," said Mike Hahn, CEO and founder of ReverseAds.

Friday's opening ceremony featured office tours, speeches from the ReverseAds CEO Mike Hahn, executives and investors, as well as complimentary food and beverages.

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