Return to the Silk

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One of the challenges of Phuket is the number of new and different restaurants that are always opening on the island. We are always keen to try the new and cult restaurants but in a way, we tend to forget the “Golden Oldies”.

I recently went back to Silk after almost 4 years. When I was first on the island, Silk was well known on the coast road at its Surin Plaza address – next to Allan Zeman’s corporate office, the developer of Andara - but later moved to its current location at The Andara Resort south of Kamala Beach.

The restaurant itself is a traditional dark wood panelled Thai setting, but its little secret is the pool area outside and the great sea-view. For those that are not house guests there is a pool pass option called “A Day in Paradise” that includes a drink and a light meal to go with the use of the pool.  This pass costs 1,100 Baht each. Thursday nights there is a poolside BBQ during the dry season.

Silk is best known for its Thai food, accounting for 70% of the food served, although it has a substantial Western food offering. Chef Aoy was the original Thai Chef for over 7 years with Chef Proy as the Chef de Party. Chef Proy has now succeeded Chef Aoy who has moved to Bahrain. There are 21 staff in the kitchen handling breakfast lunch and dinner although breakfast is largely limited to in-house guests.

Chef Tino Rominger is the new Western Chef arriving 18 months ago from being a private chef in Moscow. He is Swiss, with traditional French culinary skills, having grown up in St Moritz. He is fast coming up to speed on Thai food and even the Thai language as well.  He speaks Italian too and strong Italian food exposure as well.

In many ways, Silk is the quiet achiever in part because 60% of its guests are in-house and the others local residents or tourists in the Kamala Beach area.

The extensive lunch and dinner menus are available with options of vegetarian dishes. The menu indicates which dishes are spicy, which are Vegan or which could be given a vegan option.  Favourites include

Just as famous as the Thai food, are the numerous cocktail options prepared by experienced bar staff under Bar Manager, Khun Ra.

Shhhhh or the little secrets

If you plan to go to Silk, go there for a drink about 5:30 PM in the evening and position yourself to watch the glorious sunset from a favourite west coast venue, and enjoy the happy hour.

You can take your own wine, but there is a 500 baht corkage charge. For regular residents you might be offered a 10% discount card if you go there frequently and make yourself known. Special offers are also available through booking sites such as Chope.