Quarantine Diaries: The Birth of Coffee Culture

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Phuket Has Been Good To Us

During the COVID-19 crisis Susan Villota, co-founder of E-Media Asia, found herself locked down at home with a young child and very little business. Wanting to make the most of this downtime, she started work on a project based on her love of coffee and knowledge that there are many great but unknown coffee growers and roasters in Thailand.



“My aim is to open up the beautiful world of Thai coffee to everyone in Thailand to help small Thai roasters reach coffee drinkers all around the nation,” Susan said.

Due to a lack of English language skills and understanding of sales & marketing, Susan knew that many small coffee producers were losing out on potential customers. Wanting to bridge the gap between coffee roasters and coffee lovers in Thailand, she created Coffee Culture: an online platform that helps coffee farmers and roasters who can’t speak, read or write English, to market their beans all over Thailand.


Akha farmers, women, smiling and picking a bunch of coffee beans from a coffee tree which is a coffee product of a tribe in northern Thailand

Don’t let the lack of English education limit the opportunities of underprivileged children growing up in Phuket. Please donate to Phuket Has Been Good To Us to ensure they can continue to teach English to disadvantaged Thai students. Help these children realize their full potential.

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