Quarantine Diaries: Teacher Au

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Phuket Has Been Good To Us
Teacher Au and her mother

At the school in Kamala where PHUKET HAS BEEN GOOD TO US teaches English for FREE, our qualified English teachers work together with Thai teachers. One of these teachers is Khun Saowapa (Teacher Au). She has worked at Kamala School for 3 years and like many of the Thai teachers must adapt to teaching many different subjects in Thai, some of which are also being taught in English, such as Science and Maths. The new school year should have started on 1st May, but Teacher Au is waiting for the Education Department to say when it is safe for schools to open.

Teacher Au and her family

As we all know, being able to speak English gives children more opportunities for the future. Teacher Au is thankful that PHBGTU is giving the children this wonderful opportunity which they would not have had if it were not for the charity. She says she is also hugely grateful for the after-school activities PHBGTU runs for the 220 children who have to live at the school during the term, as they are orphans or their families are not able to look after them. Due to Covid-19, one of her significant concerns is when school reopens many more children will need to live at the school as their parent won’t have jobs or the money to care for them. This will add more strain on the charity’s funds to try and teach, assist and entertain these children who have possibly never been away from home before.

Currently, Teacher Au is staying with her family in Roi-ed, Isan, which thankfully has not been affected by COVID-19. This does mean that they have not received food supplies from the government. But fortunately, this hasn’t caused a problem as everyone can farm seasonal vegetables. Although happy to have more time with her family in an area safe from the pandemic, she is worried about work and her students. She can’t wait for schools to reopen as it is vital for children to get a good education.

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