Quarantine Diaries: Mr Air

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Phuket Has Been Good To Us

‘Quarantine Diaries’ is a series of stories collected from individuals and families whose lives have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mr Air (centre) and his family


As time goes on through this COVID-19 pandemic, we meet more people who are quietly struggling to survive. Mr Air, pictured centre, is a Muay Thai fighter and trainer at Kamala Muay Thai Gym. He is 40 years old, has a wife and 5 children. Gyms, like many businesses, have been closed since mid-March and his family have been surviving on basic food supplies given by Kamala OrBorTor and meals cooked by kind people in the community.

When the pandemic started, he sent his two teenage boys to his hometown in the north of Thailand to take care of their grandparents. Currently, he is living in one small room with four family members, trying to keep them safe and healthy. His two daughters are both students at Kamala School and learn English, for free, with Teacher “Jes”, one of PHBGTU’s teachers. The girls are 6 and 8 years old, and he says they miss their daily routine very much. The girls are lucky to have each other, so they can play together, but they miss their English teacher and their classmates!

Mr Air said he is thankful to PHBGTU for teaching his children English, as it is crucial for their future. As a Muay Thai trainer, he uses English every day to communicate with customers and athletes from all over the world. Sometimes his children help him translate ‘I couldn’t work without English’, he said, ‘I am lucky my daughters can learn for FREE’.

PHBGTU urgently needs your help to support underprivileged families, to give young children the opportunity to learn English for free and secure well-paid employment in the future. COVID-19 has severely impacted the charity: shrinking funding and draining finances. Every contribution is vital, if you can, please donate today by making a direct deposit to the account below, or donating to the foundation's money pot here.

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